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Booking Portals: The Easiest Way to Manage Appointments Online

Setting up an online booking portal streamlines the appointment process by automatically sending new jobs to your schedule or letting you manually add them in. With apps like FieldPulse, this is ideal because customers’ information is automatically added to your customer list for sales. You don’t have to manually send out confirmation emails, or spend time piecing together how to use an app like Zapier to send information between apps or manually re-enter it. This also frees your business up to take on more work.

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Booking Appointments with FieldPulse

fieldpulse booking portal

Step 1

Inside FieldPulse, go to Company Settings > Features & Plugins > Customer Portal > Enable.

Step 2

You can then access the Customer Portal by going to the top of the page under Company Settings (where you are now) and selecting Customer Portal. Here, you’ll see several settings you need to fill out before you can get started.

Step 3

First, start off by selecting your customer contact method. This lets you decide what kind of page you want to set up. There are two options:


  • Contact Message Only – This will provide users with only a contact form so they can send you a message
  • Contact Message and Time Slot Scheduling – This section, meanwhile, provides a full booking portal where users can pick from your availability.

Step 4

Next, fill in your customer portal URL, where you insert your business’ username so you get a custom link and fill out what information you want displayed on your page under Customer Site Information.


If you selected Contact Message and Time Slot Scheduling…you’ll see an option to Automatically Schedule Job For Bookings’ after the description. If you toggle this option on, the new job will automatically be added to your schedule. Otherwise, the job will be added to a queue for your approval.

Step 5

Then, under Scheduling Settings, you can select which days and time you’re available with an option to include time interval and appointment duration or only let users select a slot in the morning or afternoon.


From there, you can select whether you want to send appointment confirmation emails to customers.

Setting Up Booking On Your Website

Now that your booking portal has been set up inside FieldPulse, you can click the link that was generated under Booking Portal > Settings to access the page. Then, you have two options:

  • First, you can simply link that page on your website.
  • or, alternatively, you can install the Insert Pages plugin and follow the instructions here.

You’re now ready to launch your booking portal. If you’re feeling like you need a little more inspiration, check out our Booking Portal template. In that template, we’ll walk you through the basic booking portal structure, with example copy that you can easily modify to fit your business’ needs, or just use as is.

booking portal text templates

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