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Getting Started

So you’re ready to start your own trade business, but don’t know where to begin? In the Getting Started section, we’ll cover the first few topics of what you’ll need before opening your doors for business. We’ll start off with what type of insurance you’ll need as well as licensing and registration requirements. From there, we’ll move on to structuring a business plan, branding and signage, and lastly, we’ll cover how to set up your business’ website.


Ready to get started? Let’s talk about what types of insurance you’ll for your tools, vehicles, employees, and business overall.

Licensing & Registration

 In this section, we’ll cover which legal business structures are right for you, where to register your business, and the different licenses you’ll need to have. 

Business PLan

Here we’ll explain what a business plan is, how to write one, and the different pieces of information you’ll need to include. Once you’ve finished, take a look the templates we’ve provided so you won’t have to start from scratch:


So close to starting a successful Business

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